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Super Silver Haze | CBD Flowers

Super Silver Haze | CBD Flowers

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Super Silver Haze x Premium CBD Buds 

Super Silver Haze is a CBD-only strain that offers users the perfect balance of relaxation and focus. This strain gives users an intense body buzz with a clear head and no paranoia or anxiety. Along with its uplifting mood, this strain also provides an energetic and creative boost to get the mind racing.

Tasting notes: High sour citrus notes with a touch of a sweet aroma, brings out  unique sandalwood undertones.

CBD: 11-12%
Excellent flower only. No stems, leafy material or small flowers


Cultivation & Production 

Leaf's premium CBD hemp flowers are grown to exceptional quality, carefully harvested by hand, mechanically shucked & hand-trimmed, and finally presented free of the stems, stalks, and seed.

Our partnered CTAEX laboratory consistently evaluates samples throughout the harvest cycle. This ensures not only that we adhere to EU legal requirements (<0.2 % THC), but all health and safety aspects are covered.

All CBD flowers are hemp-derived, non-psychoactive, THC free* and EU certified, and classed as hemp souvenirs.

*THC levels are under 0.2%

Pesticide Free




Important declaration: We do NOT use any type of process to alter the THC/CBD content of our flowers (e.g; butane, ethanol...)