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Leaf is dedicated to finding the finest selection of hemp strains, from the most trusted growers, All CBD flowers are handpicked by our team, to ensure the only the best for our customers.

All CBD flower, bud or tea branded products are hemp derived, non-psychoactive, THC free* and EU certified. CBD flowers are industrial hemp not marijuana.

CBD flowers are grown in Italy, Spain, or Switzerland by our authorised partners under government licences.

The named strains may look and smell similar to well-known cannabis strains but does not carry the same psychoactive properties.

*Total THC levels are all under 0.2%

CBD Flowers are sold for use as hemp tea, and not to be indigested or smoked, and advise that these be used for strictly souvenir and display purposes.

If you have any questions in regard to the matter, please feel free to contact the team.

sold for use as hemp tea flowers.