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The suppressant Watermelon strain takes some time to manifest its effects. A few tokes in, and you’re likely to feel just the same as you did before you took the drag. But as time wears on, the cultivar shows its impressive potency and effects. A subtle, yet noticeable clarity starts to take over your mind. The lightness feels pleasant, and consumes your cognition to remove mental clutter and give rise to supreme calm.

As your head rises and floats in a dreamy state of clarity, the rest of your body follows suit. Physical tension, pressure, and stress are replaced by relaxation, urging your body into a state of slow, rhythmic breathing that further heightens the strain’s effects. As these changes take place, the cultivar then works to induce sleep.

The Watermelon Cookies makes the ideal nighttime companion because of its impacts on the body and mind, making it possible for those with active thoughts and restlessness to achieve optimal sleep that makes you wake up feeling rested and refreshed. On the other hand, individuals who need to boost their energy and productivity might find this strain to be too much of a drag.

There’s a light fruitiness to the Watermelon Cookies flavor profile. It blends together different tastes of tropical fruit which make it exceedingly pleasant, especially to those who prefer to do without the strong earthy undertones of most CBD hemp flower strains. Of course, the Watermelon Haze isn’t free of that pungent taste – the smoke is mostly responsible for that. But using a vape instead can help minimize the gasoline aftertaste to highlight the flavor of fruits that the strain is best known for.