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Professor Mike Barnes outlines opportunity in the UK’s CBD market

The UK’s CBD market has flourished despite the impact of COVID-19. The rest of the world has steamed ahead with the legalisation of medical and recreational cannabis creating multibillion-dollar industries, while the UK has watched quietly from the sidelines. However, the UK’s CBD industry is now flourishing, creating ample opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Professor Mike Barnes, of Medical Cannabis Clinics and Maple Tree Consulting, speaks to Health Europa editor, Stephanie Price, about the evolving UK cannabis industry and the opportunities for investment. Medical cannabis and CBD in the UK Despite the use of medical cannabis being legalised in the UK in November 2018, , the country’s CBD industry is only now coming into force and Barnes says the beginning of 2020 has...

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NHS to fast-track supply of cannabis-based epilepsy treatment

Hundreds of children among estimated 2,000 patients who will benefit Colin Drury @colin__drury Saturday 21 December 2019 10:18 Getty Images Thousands of people with severe epilepsy will be able to access a cannabis-based treatment on the NHS from the new year, it has been revealed. Epidyolex, a cannabidiol (CBD) oral medication, has been fast-tracked by the health service in England to be available from 6 January. Hundreds of children will be among around 2,000 people across the country who it is estimated will benefit from the change in policy. The drug was recommended for use to treat two rare types of epilepsy – Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes – back in November. Clinical trials showed the drug could reduce the number of seizures by up to 40 per cent...

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CBD in cannabis could reduce psychosis risk from high strength skunk, study shows

Buffer effect could point to a protective mechanism that may help 'treat disorders like psychosis and addiction' Alex Matthews-King Health Correspondent Wednesday 24 April 2019 06:07 Cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical derived from the cannabis plant, can counteract the effects of high strength "skunk" strains and may help to reduce the risk of serious mental health conditions like psychosis, according to a new study.  After using scans to study the effects of different strains of cannabis on the brain for the first time, the team from the University College London said boosting levels of CBD could act as a “buffer” to ill effects. They found that strains with the same level of THC, the chemical which causes users to get “stoned”, but higher CBD caused less...

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